New Year Growth

Wow! I am really excited.  I’ve just done my accounts for last month and I’ve had the most busy month since moving back to Bristol.  Seeing my holistic therapies business growing whilst supporting my clients with natural, holistic therapies is really where it’s at.  
I’m super excited! This January, I’ve welcomed some lovely new clients and have loved catching up with some regulars too.
It’s been hard to go from a busy practice in London to starting from scratch in a different city. It has been challenging, but it’s been great to see it all unfold.
I really do love my job; witnessing the changes that people make during and after a treatment is what makes my work so worthwhile.
A lovely new client last week relayed how after months of suffering from chronic sinusitis, her sinuses were clear after the first two sessions.  
I am happy. Here’s a (old) photo of me, happy!
I am getting booked up this month already, so please do get in touch with me or with the clinics directly in Knowle and Bedminster if you’d like to book in.
Happy Face