Both my wife and I went to see Debbie for reflexology to support our fertility journey. We really looked forward to and enjoyed our weekly sessions. Debbie was incredibly intuitive and would adapt each session accordingly, some weeks she would let me discuss everything that was on my mind and other weeks I would fall asleep during my treatment as I was so relaxed. Debbie looks at your health holistically and we would still be going now if we hadn't moved away from Bristol. We will always be grateful for Debbie's wonderful support and highly recommend her to others 😀

– David – Bristol

Debbie is a fantastic therapist. She is kind, calm and very skillfull. I had 6 reflexology sessions with her and they helped me move from a place of being stressed and overwhelmed, to having a calm centre from which to make decisions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Debbie.

– Helen – Bristol

I lucked out when I found Debbie after moving to Bristol six months ago. I have had some health issues including chronic fatigue and I’ve definitely noticed a difference since having first weekly and now monthly reflexology with Debbie. Debbie is somebody who takes care in making sure she knows how you’ve been feeling in a consultation before each session, I find her caring and I enjoy our conversations. Her type of reflexology seems to dig deeper than some I have had previously which seems to have made a difference to my health rather dramatically. Highly recommend.

– Bernii – Bristol

Debbie's reflexology treatments have helped me enormously to cope with menopausal hot flushes and poor sleeping. Debbie has a calm and welcoming manner that instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. Her approach is intuitive and holistic, which has made me consider other things that I can change to complement the reflexology treatments. I can highly recommend Debbie and the amazing treatments she provides. Thank you so much Debbie.

– Di – Bristol

I was fortunate to be told of Debbie’s great work as I approached Full Term in my first pregnancy. Hoping I hadn’t left it too late for Reflexology to be of a benefit to me, I had a lovely chat with Debbie who assured me that it was never too late!

On our first session I was impressed with Debbie’s knowledge, empathy, professionalism and magic hands! I felt re-centred and re-aligned to continue with my overdue pregnancy.

On my second session with Debbie I utilised my Hypnobirthing training during the session and was really pleased that Debbie supported & encouraged me to embrace the combination of breathing techniques along with her reflexology.

I ‘floated’ home after that session and whether it was Debbie’s healing hands, the practicing of relaxation or a very hot chilli con carne, but I went into labour that evening and gave birth to my daughter the next day!

Huge thanks again to Debbie! X

– Zoe – Bristol

When I was three days overdue with my son, Debbie gave me a reflexology treatment with the aim of getting him moving, he was born the next day. I think it really helped to bring my labour on, and also a last pamper session before he arrived. My feet have been treated a number of times by Debbie, I highly recommend her for a range of foot treatments, she is an excellent reflexologist.

– Liz – Bristol

I would recommend Debbie completely. I have received a few Facial rejeuvanation treatments with her now and her touch reflects her manner, gentle and nurturing. I feel all the stress escape from my face and l feel lighter for it. Debbie makes me feel completely at ease with her warmth as a person. Can't wait for my next facial!

– Julie – Bristol

I've been seeing Debbie for over three years now and she is an absolute god send. I struggle with fatigue and a weak immune system but regular visits to her help me manage both issues and keep me bouncing back. She is brilliant at sensing my needs so sometimes we chat through a session, other times we're quiet and peaceful. I've seen quite a few reflexologists over the years but Debbie is the best by far.

– Claire – London

I started reflexology sessions to help with fertility issues in the lead up to pregnancy and beyond. I found that the reflexology treatments massively helped me to unwind, relax and, most importantly to de-stress! It’s helped to restore hormonal balances and finally I became pregnant in the summer. I now continue to use reflexology to help with all the other pregnancy related ailments! I definitely recommend Debbie for reflexology

– Gemma – London

I've been to see Debbie for reflexology and each time I've felt that she has listened to my needs and then specifically addressed them during our time together. At the end of each session I’ve felt lovely and relaxed and that it was an hour well spent! I would recommend her without hesitation.

– Amy – London

Debbie's calmness and manner during my reflexology sessions meant our sessions were a welcome sanctuary for my last couple of months of pregnancy, when I was starting to get a bit anxious about it all.

Her facial rejuvenation treatment was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.....I would doze away in bliss when she worked her magic during these treatments as I found them to be so relaxing, in large part down to her gentle, soft manner.

Both such treatments really helped me cope with all I had to think about in the last stages of pregnancy, and I recommend her highly.

I am looking forward to seeing her again!

– Gurbinder – London

Debbie Allardice has been treating me with Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenation over the last couple of years achieving drastic improvements for my allergic rhinitis, back pain and insomnia. She possesses the qualities of a highly gifted practitioner namely, good palpation skills, listening ability and the ability to achieve sound results.

– Ravi Parbhoo – London

Debbie is a brilliant reflexologist and person! I was going through a really difficult time after a miscarriage and was exhausted. Her reflexology and gentle guidance got me back on my feet and helped me come to terms with my loss. She takes great care of her clients and is very knowledgeable. Debbie I can't thank you enough for how you helped me x

– Colette – London

Debbie is brilliant at what she does and lovely to talk to. My reflexology and massage sessions with her have been so totally relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a very positive professional to help them re-charge their batteries.

– Lorraine – London

I've had several different types of treatment from Debbie and they have all been fabulous. Her Thai foot massage is very relaxing, her reflexology is great and the facial rejuvenation was a massive success - people who never normally give compliments kept telling me how great I looked (and this despite having a young child who didn't sleep). She also has a very calming presence and is very knowledgeable about women's health and fertility. Highly recommended.

– Anna – London

The course in both Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenation exceeded my expectations and extended to areas of my well-being beyond my original needs.
Highly recommended for any ongoing issues caused by the stress of over-working or under-resting!

– Rory – Brighton

Debbie is an intuitive and extremely talented therapist. In particular, her reflexology is amazing. Her manner is calm, friendly and warm. I am dying to try out her Thai foot massage soon, which I don't think many UK practitioners specialise in. Debbie also does an amazing facial rejuvenation treatment which is incredibly revitalising. Lucky Bristolians!

– Anne – London

Best Thai reflexology. Debbie puts heart and soul into giving the perfect reflexology very relaxing and perfect on the feet and calves. My pins and needles disappeared after a few sessions. It works well for me.

– Tom – Bristol