I’m Debbie, a Bristol based Holistic Therapist passionate about helping people to feel better using natural therapies.

I help people who are living with stress and anxiety to achieve a long-term shift in their physical and mental wellbeing, by reminding the body to relax, let go, and feel more at ease.

Using reflexology and massage techniques, my sessions focus on releasing built-up tension, calming the nervous system, and enabling a more peaceful frame of mind.

Beyond the hands-on therapy, we can also discuss small but significant changes that you can integrate into daily life, helping you to build resilience and continue the benefits of the sessions.

I started training in Reflexology in 2010, but have been fascinated with health and wellbeing since I was a child.

Viewing health as something we can take into our own hands is something that I learnt early on from my Dad.  He grew up in rural Swaziland and with little medical help nearby, being proactive about health was essential for survival.  He taught us to celebrate and value nature; at home we had aloe plants to use for our cuts and grazes, a constant supply of ginger and honey for our coughs and colds, and he’d cook up a mean chicken soup when we were poorly.

I explored how we make sense of health and illness in my Sociology degree, fascinated by how cultural narratives, language and social roles affect our experience of it.

It wasn’t until I worked in the charity sector in my 30s that I realised hands-on how total wellbeing was not a luxury, but crucial to a happy, fulfilled life.  I could see first-hand how people who were supported to take charge of their lives were healthier, happier and more able to contribute to their wider community.

Training and Experience

I completed my Reflexology training in 2011 with the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) in London.  I trained with Hagar Basis, an internationally renowned reflexologist and teacher.  This solid start gave me a drive to learn more about reflexology and expand my techniques, studying and integrating specialisms within reflexology and Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Facial Rejuvenation Massage, all of which support a goal to increase physical and emotional relaxation.

I’ve worked with reflexology and massage in a number of settings including private health centres, supporting people at a mental health charity, at wellbeing events and more recently in my home practice.  I am currently based at the Bristol Osteopaths, and The Garden Room, both in Knowle, South Bristol.

Stress has been referred to as ‘the health epidemic of the twenty-first century’.  A large number of health conditions have been linked to ongoing, long-term stress, including anxiety and depression, insomnia and sleeping conditions, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases, ulcers, colds and flu, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Up to 80 percent of GP appointments are thought to be related to stress in some way.

Rather than living with stress, take positive action.  Working holistically with the body, the techniques I use help to reduce the build-up of stress, supporting you to recover, to improve your mental and emotional state and be better able to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilled life.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can support you to feel calmer, more at ease and more able to enjoy life, contact me.

Qualifications & Professional Training

I am a qualified clinical Reflexologist trained at the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) and I am a fully insured member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).

International Institute of Reflexology
Association of Reflexologists
Complementary Therapists Association

Reflexology Professional Diploma with Hagar Basis, International Institute of Reflexology – May 2011

Professional Proficiency Seminar (Reflexology) with Dwight Byers – Oct 2010

ART (Advanced Reflexology Training) Registered Practitioner – June 2013

Maternity & Fertility Reflexology with  Mauricio Kruchik – July 2013

Thai Foot Massage with Kira Balaskas, The School of Thai Yoga Massage – Oct/Nov 2013

Professional Diploma, Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Face Lift Massage) with Mary Dalgleish – Nov 2013-June 2015

The Manzanares Method of Reflexology with Dr Manzanares – June 2015

Link Feet in Chi with Reflexology Plus the Meridian WayTM with Louise Exeter – Oct 2015

Visual Reflexology Workshop with Angela Telford – Feb & May 2016

Breakthrough Seminar/Advanced Reflexology Techniques with Tony Porter – Sept 2016

ReproReflexology Part 1 (Fertility Reflexology) with Seren Natural Fertility Training – Nov 2017

Reflexology for Women’s Health with Hagar Basis – Mar 2018

Reflexology Lymph Drainage with Sally KayMay 2018

Reflexology and Movement in Minutes (Vertical Reflex Therapy) with Lynne BoothJune 2018

Reproflexology Part 2 – Assisted Conception with Seren Natural Fertility TrainingJune 2018

Roundabout: The Foot – Advanced Reflexology Seminar with TouchpointJune 2018

Professional Diploma, Indian Champissage (Indian Head Massage)a London Centre of Indian ChampissageJan 2014-June 2018

Functional Reflex Therapy with Lorraine SeniorMay 2019

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