Coping with stress – interesting article

Stress Anxiety

Coping with stress and anxiety

Everyone has their own coping strategies when it comes to stress. They are not ‘one size fits all’. I love this article in The Guardian today, hearing from a range of successful, prominent people in medicine, media, sports, politics and business sharing their coping strategies for anxiety and stress.

There’s been a real shift culturally over the last 10 years or so around people talking about their mental health and wellbeing. I don’t think we would have seen this article even 7 years ago. Culturally this makes a huge difference; we are beginning to realise we are not alone in suffering from stress and anxiety at work, at home, in daily life. It is no longer a taboo.

The coping strategies shared here include daily and regular exercise, getting to bed earlier, putting away smart devices, being prepared, understanding that nerves are normal, listening to music, and mindfulness.

Reflexology and holistic therapies in general can sit well in this list of coping strategies, offering space for relaxation, resetting and bringing calm to the body and mind.

If you’d like to try reflexology or any of the other therapies I offer to see if it helps you to cope with anxiety or stress, do get in touch.