Reflexology for Women’s Health


Back in March I spent an amazing couple of days in London attending the Reflexology for Women’s Health course with the brilliant Hagar Basis.

Hagar Basis is an internationally renowned and award-winning Reflexologist that has been practicing reflexology since 1989.  She was the Course Director for the International Institute of Reflexology for 16 years and I was so fortunate to be trained by her on my original reflexology course with the IIR.

She has gone on to set up her own school of reflexology, the London-based Reflexology Academy, continuing to train and influence the development of reflexology in the UK.

Hagar developed the Reflexology for Women’s Health course to cover the wide range of conditions specific to women’s health, and has such a great knowledge and compassion for all things feminine!

We covered a huge range of topics on the course; we discussed the onset of menstruation, our menstrual cycles, female orgasm, pregnancy, labour, birth, post-natal conditions, lactation, menopause, hysterectomy, respecting the ebbs and flow of our hormones, fear, and everything in between!

I learnt some new techniques, refreshed my ART (Advanced Reflexology) skills and am really excited to be putting it all into practice with my clients.  

If you would like to discover how reflexology may help you, book yourself in for a balancing, supportive treatment in South Bristol and see me at the Wells Road Osteopaths clinic in Knowle or the Centre for Whole Health in Bedminster.