A new family tradition


Over the last few months my children have become really interested in what I do, and massage and reflexology seem to have become a daily topic in the house.

My eldest who’s just turned 7 (and is so excited about having done so), offers a neck massage to us grateful parents whenever he sees that we are tired or cranky.  He’s really enjoying developing his own techniques and seems to really relish being able to soothe us at the end of a tiring day.  My daughter, 3 going on 4, is experimenting with a form of ‘eye massage’ she’s developed – a surprisingly relaxing, very short massage around the eyes!

Most bath-times now include a little hand, foot or head massage, either me treating the children, the children practicing on each other or, amazingly sometimes, the children practicing on me!  It’s wonderful to see them really enjoying it and truly relaxing with a stroke of the hand, squeeze of the toes and a gentle twist of the feet.

I’m so happy that they are responding so well to this form of relaxation and are eager to practice it themselves.  They also seem to understand the benefit of helping others to feel better too.

Massage and reflexology for children is a wonderful way of bonding as a family and a great way to teach them how to soothe themselves in times of anxiety, stress or sadness.

A great book for little children that combines a story with some simple reflexology techniques you can use before bed, and a particular favourite of my daughter, is The Mouse’s House by Susan Quayle.

If you would like to find out how you can use massage and reflexology with your own children, contact me to discuss or book a session in South Bristol at the Wells Road Osteopaths or the Centre for Whole Health.